Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting Old Glory's Sikh Irregulars ( ASW-17 )

Recently I purchased the Sikh Irregulars from Old Glory. The bag contains 30 figures, most are dressed as Mohammedans, but there are 12 figures that pass very well for 1820-40's Sikh Irregulars. The following images shows them arranged on their painting blocks in primer.

Here is an image of the painted Mohammedans.

I added a Foundry standard bearer and Britannia leader seen in the rear, right element.
So now I'll begin adding some paint to the Sikhs. I'll use this image as a color pattern.

I'll change the dastar color from orange to pale blue and the shawl from yellow to a mid green.

You can see the progress of color application. I show the figures front then backs. I'll be using a "dip" technique to finish them: so, the colors need to be bright and a shade lighter to offset the dirtying effect of the urethane sealer.

I really like the effect I get with MinWax, it is easily ordered from my local TruValue hardware store. I usually get a six-pack of pint cans. I keep the lid on between dippings as I don't really dip the figures. Instead, I brush it on and blow-off the extra, then treat the remaining small pools with a brush damp with mineral spirits. Keeping the lid on as much as possible helps to prevent hardening of the urethane sealer.

Here they are freshly "dipped", the initial shock of covering your hard work with black goop is repaid by the wonderful finish you get in just a few hours.

Being sure the ventilation is adequate, I brush off the pooling of excess liquid and then give the figs a good "blowing" to settle the bubbles.

So, here they are finally done. The MinWax English Tudor gloss doesn't yellow, won't react with skin oil/moisture, and unlike other water-based products, like floor waxes, won't need touching up. The method work equally well on plastic 20mm figures.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I'll finish up the other bases and add the unit to the Sikh Army roster later this month.

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