Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sikh Artillery Park; on the move.

With the start of the campaign season, the Sikh artillery begins preparations to join battle. Escorted by a unit of dragoons, the horse artillery practices their deployment routine.

As the Dragoons ride off, the last gun joins the battery.
The guns and figures are a mix of Foundry, Old Glory and Mini Figs (limbers).

Next we see the heavy foot artillery batteries, pulled by their draft oxen, lumber into position.

The teams are moved to the side as the rest of the battery deploys.

Finally we are jecked to attention by the thunder of a full field battery loosing their first volley of practice rounds.

As we leave the practice field the infantry appear to add their drill to the din of the artillery park.

Next we'll see the Sikh cavalry practice their evolutions.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Portable Wargame on the Sutlej

I've recently become enamored with Bob Cordery's rules "The Portable Wargame" . 
They can be found at his siteWargaming Miscellany .

Here is the opening set-up for the battle of Gujerat.
The British are approach left and the wily Sikhs have set up in front of Gujerat.

Our first move shows a cavalry action in the foreground; lancers and
hussars forward to drive off the Ghorchurras and regular dragoons.

The british infantry line advances buoyed by the success of the cavalry.

As the cavalry battle rages the Sikhs have sent in irregulars to occupy the village on the cavalry's left flank.

With horse artillery and determined assaults by infantry the irregulars give up the village.
The hussars begin to mop up the remaining Ghorchurras.

More Sikh infantry, regulars this time, attempt to retake the village.

Meanwhile on the left of the British line, Sikh infantry has
taken and holds the second village which anchors their lines.
The British commander sends in two infantry regiments to dislodge them,
supported by artillery fire.

The battle rages for two turns. Pinning and unpinning each unit in turn.

Finally, the Sikhs make some well laid artillery shots and the dice send
the victorious Sikh infantry into the British second line.

At this point the game ended . All in all a very enjoyable fight. I thought the rules worked well. I had followed the modifications made on Bob's site from other play testers, and found they worked well. This battle was fought on a dry plain and the terrain was minimal.
I used 6 inch hexes traced onto a plain brown cloth with pencil. The figures are a mix of MiniFigs, Old Glory and Foundry; the buildings scratch built, or by Hovels.