Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sikh Heavy Artillery: The Tiger Gun

I was lucky enough to purchase a Tiger Mouthed gun from London War Room a few years before the company closed. I really like the piece and find the modeling very nicely done.

I've used my "prime mover" of choice the Foundry Mutiny gun elephant. I wish I had bought two of them, but may get a chance at a similar piece once the fellow at "Odds and Ends Miniatures" sends his greens off to the casters.

Here are some photos of the gun and its crew.

The crew are from Old Glory's line of 28mm Sikh War figures. This is one of their well done lines, the sculpting is consistent and done well. I hope to post some images of their Sikh Irregular infantry, when I'm done basing them.


  1. Now that's a lovely (and powerful?) gun. I like it. And The gun limber is lovely, though a bit cumbersome

  2. Thanks! The size and heft of the model called for an elephant. I remember an illustration in Featherstone . That image shows the same prime mover in front of a park of collected smaller guns.

  3. What a gun! Very nice figs, and the period is rare on our tables!