Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sikh Irregulars

I have finished both groups of Sikh Irregulars. I had bought the Old Glory bag,
ASW17  Sikh Irregulars Skirmishing. Upon first inspection, I realized I had two distinct uniform types; the first was shown during the painting tutorial back in September. These figures sport a more distinctive Sikh turban. 

The second group resemble the more familiar "hill tribesman " look.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sikh Heavy Artillery: The Tiger Gun

I was lucky enough to purchase a Tiger Mouthed gun from London War Room a few years before the company closed. I really like the piece and find the modeling very nicely done.

I've used my "prime mover" of choice the Foundry Mutiny gun elephant. I wish I had bought two of them, but may get a chance at a similar piece once the fellow at "Odds and Ends Miniatures" sends his greens off to the casters.

Here are some photos of the gun and its crew.

The crew are from Old Glory's line of 28mm Sikh War figures. This is one of their well done lines, the sculpting is consistent and done well. I hope to post some images of their Sikh Irregular infantry, when I'm done basing them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beginnings of the 1830's Afghan Army to oppose Ranjit Singh.

Recently I was able to score a large quantity of Britannia Miniatures Afghans. About half are armed with melee weapons and the other half with muskets. I'm creating units of 20 figures, half n' half, melee n' musket. They are based in groups of 5 on 3 inch by 1.5 inch bases. These bases will work for many of the rules I like to use. They are painted simply, but with a unifying scarf color, then "dipped" in MinWax Polyshades to protect the paint.

I have three more groups on the blocks for painting, another nearly done. I'll need to find them some cavalry and a few older style guns. This will give me another, earlier theatre to fight. I think my Sikh regulars will fair a bit better against these irregular fighters. We'll see!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Cavalry Regiments for 2012

Skinner's Horse, 1st Bengal Irregular Cavalry.

I've added Skinner's Horse. The figures are from Old Glory's 28mm line of Sikh War miniatures. The castings had little flash and gluing in the sword hand was all that was necessary. I use 8 figure regiments using the Lasalle, based on 2 inch square basswood. This basing method allows me to switch to Principles of War for large engagements.

According the regiment earned no battle honors during the Sikh Wars, but their image in plate 35 in B.Mollo's "Indian Army" said to me thaey must be added to the armies establishment. They look both ancient but deadly.

Gardner's Horse, 2nd Bengal Irregular cavalry.

The 2nd Bengal Irregular Cavalry took part in the battle of Sabroan during the First Sikh War. There they were awarded a battle honor for there actions in support of the H.M. 9th lancers. Their green uniforms make a nice change to the more common reds and blues.

Again, very clean castings from Old Glory, glue on the sword hand and done. They also come with a fist if you wants to arm them with lances. Although, you need a fairly steady hand and sharp drill to ream out the hole for a lance you must make up yourself. I only have 4 more regiments of Irregular/Local Horse to finish.