Thursday, December 6, 2012

That SYW Itch has Moved

As I fall further into the rabbit hole of 18th century wargaming, I've decided to move the content to its own blog;

See you there!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On to Multan

With coming dry season, the heavy guns are brought forward in hopes of causing a bit of persuasion in Multan.

The Sikhs are no slouches, they "convince" the residents of the hills surrounding Multan that stopping the British in the valley is preferable to the doorsteps of their hill villages.

But, just in case their efforts are thwarted, their brethren stand fast in the foothills, waiting to set upon the British as they did in '41.

To help the cause, French-trained Khalsa troops march towards the impending fight.

New Regiment Added to the Establishment

A new regiment, figures by Old Glory. I really have a soft spot for my old Mini Figs but their age is becoming a liability, so I'm refitting with more robust 28 mm figures. The Sikh Wars line from Old Glory is one of their better efforts. The sculpting looks good alongside much of the Foundry figures in my collection. The stronger rifles and bayonets will resist bending and breakage.

Old Glory also supplies command and flank companies so that the regiments look the part. I have another on the paint blocks but time, and life's emergencies are preventing me from painting and playing much.